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Most Frequently Asked Questions… Ketamine

Is June! the year has gone by so fast and our mini blog series too, we are almost finished, but before we go here’s everything you need to know about Ketamine! if you need to know the basics here’s a link you can check out

Remember our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have after reading this, via e-mail, text or in any of our Social Media, stay tunes for our last entry on this series we’ll be answering everything about VSG!

1.How many Ketamine infusions do I need?

Making this determination is challenging and must be made by performing a thorough medical examination, and by taking the time to know the patient and his or her goals. We recommend at least 3 infusions to begin to see the benefits of Ketamine on the body.

2. How long are the infusions?

On average, infusions last one hour.

3. Can I drive after my infusion?

This is NOT advisable. As a matter of fact, we cannot perform an infusion, unless we know you have someone to drive you.

4. What is the cost of Ketamine infusions?

The cost is very patient specific. This means that our doctors will design a tailor-made program for each patient that will maximize the therapeutic benefits. Once our admissions department is made aware of these recommendations, you will receive a written proposal. This typically takes no more than 24 hours.*You May also refer to our “Ketamine Infusion Packages” Document, in order to see the different options you have.

5. Are there any risks with Ketamine infusions?

Any medical procedure, no matter how “small” or “non-invasive” will carry risk. What is important, is that the medical team be prepared. The vast majority of patients that receive Ketamine infusions have a seamless infusion. The most common risks are pain at the infusion site, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

6. Are these infusions addictive.

No, they are NOT.

7. Do I have to stay in your facilities overnight?

Although this is not necessary, it is highly recommended. Patients that stay at our recovery center report that simply knowing that the medical staff is there, gives them peace of mind.

8. Do I have to be fasting before my infusion?

We recommend that you avoid eating a heavy meal at least five hours prior to your infusion. Drinking fluids is fine. If you are prone to being nauseous, make sure you inform the medical team so that they can take the necessary measures to prevent nausea.