BajaMed Group is a medical practice that has one central goal: safe and professional medical care at a fraction of the cost.
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Why Choose BajaMed?

We value your interest in our practice, and we decided that today we would number the reasons why you should choose BajaMed.


We have been serving the medical needs of patients from all over the world for over a DECADE now. No name changes, address changes, or questionable business practices. We take the good and LEARN from the not so great. We pride ourselves to be a “doctor-to-patient” practice. We make this about “you”, the patient. This is the secret ingredient that has kept our motor running on all cylinders for all these years.


We are one of the only medical practices that actually signs an agreement with our patients in which we COMMIT to following-up for a year after being treated at our facilities.


Our practice has over 30 medical professionals that are LEADERS in their field. We have spine surgeons that are international authorities and speakers for major companies, orthopedic surgeons that have collaborated with international authorities in hip and knee procedures, fertility specialists that have emerged from leading worldwide academic centers, plastic surgeons that have headed national associations and affiliations, oncologists that are worldwide leaders in immunotherapy, and much, much more.


While being in practice we have avoided major tragedies because we are so stringent about following medical protocol and practicing medicine in certified medical facilities that are excellently equipped and certified. Our secret ingredient is quite simple: our doctors will see you multiple times EVERY day while you are under our care. This means that trained clinical eyes and brains are diligently working hard to make sure you have a proper evolution. This attention to detail prevents most major complications from ever occurring


We strive to make medical treatments AFFORDABLE (not cheap!) so that they are within reach to many patients. Finances and medical treatments are unfortunate associations we must deal with. However, we pledge to do everything we can so that YOU can afford the medical treatment you are seeking.


We are one of the only medical travel centers that carries all major specialties including: internal medicine, cardiology, hematology, and pathology. These specialties tie into our other specialties: spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, oncology, plastic surgery, fertility medicine, bariatric surgery, and regenerative medicine. This allows us to make our practice revolve entirely around patient safety and care. We are NOT interested in showcasing individual personalities…it is the sum of ALL our medical personnel that makes us a superb medical practice.