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Alejandro Leos M.D.

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Dr. Alejandro Leos Garcia received his medical degree from the University of Xochicalco. He completed his postgraduate training through a residency in Cardiology from the Ignacio Chavez institute of Cardiology. He later completed additional postgraduate training in Interventional Cardiology from the Cardiology Hospital, IMSS.

Dr. Leos has taught at several Medical Schools in Barcelona, Spain and has received additional training at the Texas Heart Institute under the renowned surgeon Dr. Paolo E. Angelini.  Dr. Leos has also participated in numerous conferences, national and international forums in both clinical and interventional cardiology.

Furthermore, Dr. Leos has participated in several clinical research protocols and and has published several research papers in the area of cardiovascular therapeutics.

Member of:

Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology

Heart Institute Cardiac Society of Baja California