BajaMed Group is a medical practice that has one central goal: safe and professional medical care at a fraction of the cost.
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At BajaMed we understand that every patient is unique, and thus has different needs or expectations. In order to give you the best experience possible we have included a myriad of hospitals, surgeons, and hotels. Each have unique features that will meet even the most rigorous standards. We have top of the line hospitals, world class physicians, and 5-star hotels. This way you are in complete control of your Medical Tourism experience. Go ahead, browse through our different options and get an idea of what you want. If you need help building your package, give us a call, skype us, or email us…we will be glad to assist you in building the right package to meet your budget or your specific needs.

Financing options

What is included in our packages?

Screening Consult

Pick-up/drop-off from airport/border

Pre-surgical consult with our physician

Pre-surgical laboratory and diagnostic tests

Surgical team fees (Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, 1st Assistant)

Hospital Fees


Use of local cell phone to be in direct contact with your doctors UNIQUE SERVICE!

US phone line to be in touch with your loved ones

Internet access

Nutritionist consult prior to departing and continuing consult via Skype, Email, Google talk