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Zero-P Stabilizer

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There will be patients in which minimally invasive cervical procedures are not possible to perform.

For such cases, the Zero-P intervertebral device is a great option. This is a stand-alone device that is placed between adjacent vertebrae (i.e. C5-C6).  It is used in order to replace an intervertebral disc that is no longer doing its function, and when there is some sort of listhesis between adjacent levels.  This device does not require plates (major advantage), or rods to hold an implant in place.

About the surgery

Procedure Time: 45-60 minutes
Stay in Hospital: Overnight
How Invasive: Moderately invasive

Potential candidates

Neck pain

Cervical Anterolisthesis or Retrolisthesis

Degenerative Disc Disease

Spinal Stenosis