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Neo Pedicle Screw System™

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The NEO Pedicle Screw System has been designed to stabilize the spine in a minimally invasive manner. When patients are not candidates for minimally invasive lumbar dynamic stabilization (I.E. Gelfix, Percudyn), a fantastic treatment option is the NEO system.

This system is placed in a very similar way to the Percudyn device. 2 screws are placed in the top vertebra, and 2 more are placed in the bottom vertebra. They are safely advanced until they reach the vertebral body, while traversing only through bone. We check our placement by taking continuous fluoroscopy images that ensure a proper placement.

Once the screws are placed, we place a rod that will unite the top and bottom screws so that the segments are stabilized, and it prevents further frontal/backward slipping (spondylolisthesis) of the vertebral body. 

Please note that in our approach, we use a modified technique in which we do NOT place an intervertebral cage system.

The lifetime of devices depends on many factors, such as the state of health of the patient, the level of activity, the exposure to mechanical stress, bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption). The data that has been made available this, and on similar implants show that pedicle screw systems, if not removed, can be left in the body for an indefinite time.

Generally speaking patients with the following condition are considered:

Lower back pain

Unstable Spine

Spondylolisthesis (Anterolisthesis and Retrolisthesis)

Degenerative disc disease

Herniated disc

Spinal stenosis

About the surgery

Anesthesia: Regional or General
OR time: 60 to 90 minutes
Recovery time in hospital: 1 to 2 days
Recovery period after discharge: 2 - 4 weeks