BajaMed Group is a medical practice that has one central goal: safe and professional medical care at a fraction of the cost.
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Our Vision


We promise to offer you quality health care at a low cost. How is this feasible? Physicians in the private sector compete against one another in a way that they have to lower costs while offering the best possible health care. In addition, hospitals in Mexico charge a fraction of the cost that you see in the US and other countries.


BajaMed Group and its affiliates have demonstrated honesty, and transparency in their careers. We pledge to make your experience in our country a memorable one so that you consider us for any medical needs you may have in the future. In addition, the physicians and hospitals that comprise our network have gone through a rigorous and meticulous screening process, so that you are in the

hands of some of the best physicians that can compete toe to toe with any doctor in the world. Furthermore, we hope you will be so pleased with your visit, such that you will recommend us to other people in a way that we can continue to prove our commitment to excellence in healthcare.


Patient care is not only about the medical care provided during a patient’s procedure. A very important component of every surgical procedure involves a good line of communication between the patient and the BajaMed Group medical staff.  In order to make sure that our procedures are successful, we are committed to going above and beyond by constantly following up with our patients, even after they have left our facilities.