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Tummy Tuck

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This is a very popular procedure for post-bariatric patients and for those that have lost large amounts of weight.

In addition, after women decide to not have any more children, this procedure can give them the firmness in the mid-section that they once had. In order to perform this surgery, the doctor will make an incision along the ‘bikini line’ in the front of the abdomen. Excess fat and skin are removed in order have a smooth and flat mid-section. Some patients are candidates for what is called a circular tummy-tuck. This procedure removes large quantities of skin and fat. This is especially common in post-bariatric patients that have lost large amounts of weight.

About the surgery

Preparation: Reduce smoking and alcoholic beverages
Anesthesia: Regional Block
OR time: 2:00 to 2:30 hours
Recovery time in hospital: 1 to 2 days
Recovery period after discharge: 1 week
Return to Work: 10 days after discharge