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Lumbar Spine


Gelfix® Lumbar Spine

Gelfix® is a hydrogel device that has been created to help patients with lower back pain to reduce their symptoms and in most cases, become pain free.



The percudyn implant is an implant intended to help patients with lower back pain.  These implants are metallic in nature, and are introduced into the pedicles of the patient’s vertebrae.

Cervical Spine


Rotaio® Cervical Spine

The Rotaio® implant was created to help patients with certain injuries of the cervical spine. Certain injuries of this region can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.


Zero-P Stabilizer

There will be patients in which minimally invasive cervical procedures are not possible to perform.  For such cases, the Zero-P intervertebral device is a great option.