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Most Frequently Asked Questions… BBL & Lipo

Happy New Year! We hope this year brings great things, here at BajaMed we are starting 2022 with answers, Yes this year we are answering all those frequently asked questions about different procedures on todays entry you’ll find everything you wanted to know about BBL and Lipo, stay tuned on the next procedure on this little FAQ’s series!

And if after this you still have some doubts our staff is ready to answer them! via e-mail, text or in any of our Social Media.

1.Will I be put under (i.e. general anesthesia)?

There is no reason to put a patient under general anesthesia for this type of procedure. We will typically use regional anesthesia via a spinal block in order to achieve anesthesia in the desired area. Prior to going into the OR, your anesthesiologist will give you a couple of medications that will reduce your anxiety levels and allow you to go into the surgery a lot more relaxed.

2. How many incisions will I have?

The number of ports that we make will vary depending on the targeted areas. For example, if we target all of the abdominal area, we make one incision in the navel (belly button) that is very concealed and two additional ports on either side of the pubic region in order to target the lateral portions of the abdominal wall. If you are also receiving lipo in the lower back and love handles, it may be enough to only have one port in the lower back in a very concealed region.

3. Are the incisions noticeable?

They are very small. They are only a few millimeters in length and are closed with absorbable sutures. This will minimize the scarring tissue that is generated in the healing process. There are a number of genetic factors that may influence the degree of scarring each patient has. These factors are unfortunately out of our control. There are some medical products that may help make scars less noticeable. Please ask our medical team if you are a candidate.

4. Will I have loose skin after lipo?

Having copious amounts of fat removed from your body can make your skin loose in certain areas. The general perception is that the younger the patient, the lesser the possibility of having loose skin after a liposuction. If a patient is only targeting small areas during liposuction, as the flanks (love handles) or lower abdomen (baby fat), it is very possible that it will be almost impossible for others to notice the procedure.

5. Can my own fat be injected in other areas of my body?

This is possible. Typical areas of injection are the buttocks, facial expression lines, and maxillary regions. The Brazilian Butt Lift specifically involves fat transfer into the gluteal region.

6. How much fat can be injected in my butt?

The amount of fat that our surgical team can inject varies from patient to patient. It is also dependant on how much fat we extract during the liposuction. If you have specific goals, please ask our surgical team about these, in order to have a better idea of the amount of fat transfer we can do in your particular case.

7. Will ALL the fat the surgeon injects, remain in my body?

No. The body will assimilate about 40% of the fat that gets injected in your gluteal region. The body disposes of the rest.

8. Will I be able to go to work immediately after surgery?

We do NOT recommend you do so. Resting after any surgery is extremely important. Ask your doctor how long you should be resting after surgery.

9. Do I have to wear a compression garment?

This is EXTREMELY advisable. Our patients MUST wear a compression garment 4-6 weeks after surgery. A garment will ensure many positive outcomes after surgery.

10. What happens if I start being active too soon?

A number of negative things may happen. You may develop a collection of fluids in the area the medical team does the liposuction. This is known as a seroma, and can be a significant concern. You may also become dizzy and experience nausea and headaches.

11. When can I expect to see my results in the mirror?

As in any plastic surgery, patience is of UTMOST importance. You will begin to see the final results, 2-3 months after surgery. It WILL take this long for your body to recover after surgery. Having said this, it is not advisable to try to judge your appearance in the mirror the first couple of weeks. This will only lead to self-doubt, worrisome thoughts, emotional breakdowns, and even mild depression.