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Most Frequently Asked Questions… Tummy Tuck

Is February already! which means part two of our FAQ’s series is here! On today’s entry we are answering all you want to know about a Tummy Tuck!

And if after this you still have some doubts our staff is ready to answer them! via e-mail, text or in any of our Social Media, also no one can answer your questions like a health professional, so feel free to ask for a free consultation with our medical Director

1.Will I get a flat tummy after the operation?

It depends on the shape of your tummy beforehand and whether you carry excess weight. If your tummy has mainly excess skin and you are slim, you can expect a flatter tummy. If you are overweight then you should lose weight first; otherwise you will still have a tummy. Many patients have a “potbelly” as a result of childbirth and the tummy muscles are stretched. The muscles can be tightened during the tummy tuck, giving you a flatter tummy, and nicer waist line.

2. Is it a painful operation?

Patients often are surprised that the operation is not as painful as they thought it would be. Depending on the amount of skin/fat removed is the degree of discomfort after the procedure.

3. Are the scars really bad?

The scars are long but our physicians place the scars under the ‘bikini line’, making it hardly noticeable and can be covered by most bikinis. If the desire is to have the scar a bit higher it can also be discussed with our physicians and they will try and accommodate the request. Scarring however can be unpredictable as each patient heals differently and some people make bad scars regardless of the technique. However, most patients are happy with the results.

4. How soon after can I exercise?

You can do general light exercise such as walking after two weeks but three to four weeks before you can do sit ups depending on whether the tummy muscles had to be tightened during the operation.

Let us know if we did answer your questions if we didn’t leave them below and we’ll do our best to get you some answers! and stay tuned for our part 3 of this series, we’ll be answering everything about Breast Augmentation.